• Produktbild Bio Nachtkerzenöl Kapseln

    Organic evening primrose oil capsules

    The North American natives already used this plant, which originally came from there. We bring it to Europe to support your diet.

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  • Produktbild Bio Hanföl Kapseln

    Organic hemp seed oil capsules

    Hemp is one of the most important cultivated plants in human history. In addition to its use as fibers for textiles, ropes or paper, hemp in the form of organic hemp oil capsules is also an excellent addition to your daily diet.

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  • Produktbild Bio Hagebuttenpulver Kapseln

    Organic rosehip powder capsules

    In addition to oils, many powders also have what it takes to support you in your diet. We are therefore looking forward to introducing the first CapsOleum powder capsules soon.

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