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Introduction: Organic evening primrose oil capsules

Evening primrose oil as a dietary supplement is a real insider tip. In this article, we would like to shed light on the history of evening primrose and its benefits and explain why organic evening primrose oil capsules from CapsOleum are an excellent choice.

History of Evening Primrose

The evening primrose has its origins in eastern and central North America, particularly in what is now Canada. The Anishinaabe ethnic group, which includes various Native American tribes, made tea from the plant there.

The evening primrose came to Europe as a neophyte, i.e. through the influence of humans, initially as an ornamental plant. After it was discovered that the roots and leaves were edible, it was often cultivated as a vegetable in kitchen gardens, from where it spread rapidly into the wild. It owes its current spread to the fact that it often arrived in new places via the freight of trains. This is why it is sometimes called the "railroad plant".

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose, especially the oil from its seeds, is valued for its beneficial properties.

A placebo-controlled study shows that evening primrose oil can relieve suffering from rheumatoid athritis.[1]

The study also shows that evening primrose oil can have a positive effect on inflammation.[1]

A positive effect on the skin's moisture, elasticity, firmness, roughness and fatigue resistance was also demonstrated in a study.[2]

The gamma-linolenic acid present in evening primrose oil is particularly important for these effects.

CapsOleum's Organic Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

The organic evening primrose oil capsules from CapsOleum are a natural alternative to synthetically produced food supplements, because even with "natural" options, caution is advised: Often either inferior seeds are pressed or pressing processes, which can attack or destroy the valuable ingredients of these, are used.

At CapsOleum, we only use a gentle and mechanical cold pressing process to extract the oil for all our capsule products. This ensures that the ingredients find their way into the capsules undamaged. We do not believe in artificially added substances in our organic evening primrose oil capsules. That is why we leave the oil in its natural form.

In addition, our capsule products are 100% vegan thanks to the cellulose (plant fiber) shells.

When it comes to a good supplement to your daily diet, you can rely on CapsOleum.


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