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Why is purity important?

Many oil capsules are advertised with particularly high concentrations of their active ingredient - but this only works if the active ingredient is artificially added to the oil. We at CapsOleum take a different approach: Our capsules contain only pure organic oils without any additives. But why is that?

A natural diet is a healthy diet. We find that the best way to support your diet is to make sure our products are as close to nature as possible.

How pure are CapsOleum oils?

With the exception of wheat germ oil, which is obtained through a gentle CO2 extraction, all our oils are cold pressed only once at low temperatures. The oil is then simply filtered and ends up in our capsules as it is. This preserves all the valuable ingredients it naturally contains.

No artificially derived ingredients are added to the oils, nor are there any artificial pesticides or fungicides in the oils. We can guarantee this with the help of rigorous quality control through analysis and monitoring of all production processes. These processes are regularly audited by independent third parties during organic inspections.

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