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Why capsules?

While many of the oils on offer are incredibly healthy and beneficial, like so many good things, they don't exactly taste pleasant when ingested neat.

Therefore, it makes sense to take the oils in capsules. This not only avoids the often unpleasant taste - the capsules are also much more convenient to take with you.

Are the capsules vegan?

Yes, the capsules are 100% vegan.

What are the capsule shells made of?

The shells of our capsules are made of hydroxypropyl cellulose. This is a modified form of cellulose, the main component of plant cell walls, i.e. a vegan substance. Hydroxypropyl cellulose is water-soluble, completely harmless and, like fiber, is not digested by the human body.

How do I take in the different products?

Flax seed oil capsules

Recommended daily dose: 3000mg (6 capsules)

Intake: Take two 500mg capsules three times daily with liquid

Milk thistle oil capsules

Recommended daily dose: 3500mg (7 capsules)

Intake: Take a total of seven 500mg capsules with liquid during meals throughout the day.

Note: The intake of milk thistle oil should be discussed with a doctor beforehand

Black cumin seed oil capsules

Recommended daily dose: 3000mg (6 capsules)

Intake: Take two 500mg capsules three times daily with liquid with or after meals

Notes: Do not take during pregnancy; Keep away from cats

Wheat germ oil capsules

Recommended daily dose: maximum 3000mg (6 capsules)

Intake: Take two 500mg capsules three times daily with liquid during meals

What is the best way to store the products?

The oils generally keep best between 8°C and 22°C.

They should be stored dry and protected from light, as vitamins and other ingredients can otherwise be attacked by the sun's UV radiation.

Keep out of reach of children.

How are cold-pressed oils made?

Our linseed oil, milk thistle oil and black cumin oil are produced by a one-off, mechanical, gentle cold pressing. This means that our seeds are pressed once at low temperatures and without chemical aids, whereby, unlike other processes, less oil is obtained, but all valuable ingredients are retained. The extracted oil is then filtered and then filled into our capsules.

How is organic wheat germ oil made?

Our organic wheat germ oil is produced through gentle CO2 extraction.

With CO2 extraction, the germs are put under high pressure in the colorless and odorless gas carbon dioxide, which causes the germs to burst open. This separates the oil from the rest of the germs. If the pressure is now reduced again, the oil is released and collected. The CO2 extraction takes place at temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius, which means that all the valuable ingredients of the wheat germ oil are preserved.

There is a big misconception about CO2: that it is harmful to health. However, this is not the case - plants even "breathe" it. CO2 is only dangerous to the human body at high concentrations in sealed rooms, where it dilutes the oxygen content of the air to the point that not enough of it can get into the lungs with each breath. In addition, CO2 is the product of our own breathing, which means that it is almost always present in our body.

What does the organic seal mean?

The EU organic certification forms a common legal framework with general regulations and forms the basis for all essential standards for handling organic food in Europe and for imports from third countries.

In order to be able to sell goods with an organic seal, all companies in the supply chain must be registered. This means that every company that grows or processes goods must undergo regular checks by the relevant organic control body, which checks compliance with the regulations.

In addition to various quality standards of the goods, which are examined through precise analyses, it is also checked whether the company works as environmentally friendly as possible. At least 95% of organic products must be of agricultural origin, grown without genetic engineering and without the use of artificial pesticides and fungicides.

We take our promise of quality and environmentally friendly cultivation of our goods seriously. That's why our capsules are filled exclusively with pure organic oils of the highest quality.

How do I use discount codes and gift cards?

Discount codes and gift card codes can be applied at checkout (click "Buy it now" on the product page or "Check out" in the shopping cart).

On a PC, you will find a field on the right side above the order summary where discount codes and gift card codes can be entered.

On a mobile device, you will find the option to enter discount codes and gift card codes either at the top by tapping "Show order summary" or when selecting payment options.

After applying the discount or gift card code, you can see how the codes affect the purchase price in the order summary.

Any number of discount codes and gift card codes can be applied to an order.

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