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What does health mean to us?

For us, health means being able to live carefree. It means being able to concentrate fully on the important things in life: On our wishes and dreams, but also on the challenges that we encounter on our way.

What can we do for our health?

Health depends on many factors: Our sleeping habits, our physical activities, our ways of thinking, our resistance to stress and, of course, our diet.

This is where we come in. Of course we are aware that supplements can never replace a healthy and balanced diet. However, we want to do everything in our power to help you realize a fulfilling life through a healthy diet.

Why capsules from CapsOleum?

Due to the fact that all our oils are certified organic, they have a high quality from the ground up. The seeds from which the oils are pressed are grown gently - without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides. We verify this, of course: The oils are tested for a wide variety of ingredients through meticulous analysis. Only when we are one hundred percent satisfied are they encapsulated. This is even checked by independent third parties: At regular intervals, organic controls investigate whether our products actually meet the high quality standards that are the reason they can adorn themselves with the organic seal.

We encase our oils in capsules made of vegetable cellulose. These shells are water-soluble and are not digested by our bodies - similar to dietary fiber.

We take care to keep our oils as natural as possible, because we believe that a healthy diet is a natural one. So why compromise when it comes to nutritional supplements?

See for yourself: