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Introduction: Organic rosehip powder capsules

Today we are introducing a true superfood: our organic rosehip powder capsules. Find out how they can help you increase your well-being here.

What are rosehips?

Rosehips are the fruits of various types of roses, especially the dog rose (Rosa canina). Our rosehip powder is carefully made from the dried shells and seeds, also known as nuts. This process ensures that all the valuable ingredients are fully preserved.


Relief from joint pain and morning stiffness

A randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind study has shown that rosehip powder is effective against joint pain and morning stiffness and improves general well-being.[1] People with chronic joint problems in particular can benefit from taking it regularly.

Improved mobility and pain reduction

In another study, participants reported improved mobility of their hip and knee joints and reduced pain while taking rosehip powder.[2] These results show that rosehip powder provides natural support for joint health.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of rosehip powder were confirmed in an in-vitro study by the galactolipids it contains.[3] These compounds can help to reduce inflammation in the body and thus alleviate various ailments.

Why our organic rosehip powder capsules?

Our rosehips are grown under strict quality and environmental protection requirements. Gentle processing preserves the full nutrient density, which makes our powder particularly valuable.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Vegan and organic: Our capsules are 100% vegan and come from controlled organic cultivation.
  • No additives: No artificial additives - just pure nature.
  • Ground in Germany: Our powder is processed in Germany to the highest standards.
  • Perfect to take with you: Conveniently packaged, ideal for on the go.
  • Sustainable packaging: Our recyclable jars and labels made from 100% recycled paper protect the environment.

How do you integrate our organic rosehip powder capsules into your everyday life?

Our organic rosehip powder capsules are more than just a dietary supplement. They are a valuable contribution to your daily health routine. With their numerous benefits, they are the perfect supplement for anyone who wants to support their joint health and increase their well-being in a natural way.


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