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Why is sustainability so important?

We have only this one world. For a life worth living we depend on our environment. But our environment is also dependent on us!

So that we can continue to enjoy walks in nature, breathe fresh air and our children can play outside without worries, we are obliged to take care of our environment, to look after it and treat it with gratitude.

How sustainable is CapsOleum?

We don't want to put ourselves on a pedestal – wherever something is produced, and thus energy and material are used, the environment is affected. But we are aware of our responsibility. That's why we take various measures to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and plan to do even more in the future to preserve our planet for future generations.

Organic certificate

In order to sell goods with an organic label, all companies from the value chain must be registered. This means that every company that grows or processes goods must undergo regular audits by the relevant organic inspection body, which checks compliance with the regulations.

In addition to quality standards and compliance with hygiene concepts, the company is also checked to ensure that its operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. Organic products must be at least 95% products of agricultural origin, grown without genetic engineering and the use of artificial pesticides and fungicides.

Environmentally responsible suppliers

When selecting our suppliers, we pay particular attention to sustainable cultivation and fair trade.

Energy from blue electricity

We obtain all of our electricity from renewable sources. For this purpose, we use a nearby hydroelectric power plant to ensure that no additional CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere as a result of our electricity consumption.

District heating

Our heating system is optimized to function as climate-neutrally as possible. To this end, we supply our building with district heating from a combined heat and power plant directly in our vicinity.

Reduction of packaging waste

A shipping box has been specially designed for the capsule glasses, which is as small as possible to prevent unnecessary packaging waste.

If the shipping carton is not large enough for an order, the larger cartons will be filled with other otherwise unusable old cardboard boxes that we will shred for this purpose.

The capsule jars are recyclable, or even better - reusable: they make great little canning jars, for example.

Recycled packaging material

We have been awarded the Belland Dual certificate, which stands for proper take-back and recycling of packaging material.

Electric cars as company vehicles

We also promote environmentally friendly behavior beyond the company. Electric cars as company vehicles additionally ensure a reduction of CO2 emissions - on private journeys as well as on the job.

Recycled paper labels

Only 100% recycled paper is used for the labels on our capsule jars.

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