Vorstellung: Bio Weizenkeimöl Kapseln

Introduction: Organic wheat germ oil capsules

Wheat is one of the oldest and most widespread agricultural plants. And there's a good reason for that: It can be used in a variety of ways, for example as flour, for brewing or making pasta and tons of other uses.

The germs are separated from the rest of the grain when producing flour because they are oily and complicate the process. But that doesn't make them useless at all: There is a plethora of valuable ingredients found in wheat germs that make the oil that can be extracted from them so precious. Because the germ only makes up about three percent of the wheat grain's mass, multiple tons of wheat are needed to produce just a litre of wheat germ oil.

The oil in our capsules is produced using one of the gentlest methods there is: CO2 extraction. The germs are put under pressure in a sealed chamber using the tastless and odorless gas carbon dioxide. This separates the oil from the germs under minimal heat which preserves its contents.

Its low smoke point means that the wheat germ oil's ingedients are lost or can even turn poisonous when the oil is heated up too much which makes it unsuitable for cooking. That's why taking it in in the form of capsules presents itself as attractive. This way, there's no need to overcomplicate taking it in by using a spoon or mixing it into your food, especially if you don't like its characteristic taste.

CapsOleum's organic vegan wheat germ oil capsules are simple, yet effective tools for using 100% of the oils precious ingredients – no matter your dietary preference.

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