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Introduction: Organic linseed oil capsules

Linseed, also called flax is one of the oldest agricultural plants in human history: 10.000 years ago it was already in use for making textiles. Today, it's fibres are used to manufacture clothing, bedding and technical components, for example parts of the dashboard in many cars. Moreover, it's a healing plant and wholesome food. The seeds are the most useful part of the plant. The oil that can be extracted from them is used as a basis for oil paints and are a valuable supplement for daily nutrition. Even the vikings appreciated flax for its flexibility as early as 1.000 to 800 BC.

The fact that flax has been accompanying us since the cradle of civilization is truly fascinating. But it has other qualities as well: Its beautiful blossoms, which, depending on the type of flax, show a hypnotizing violet blue, sunny yellow, mesmerizing pink or graceful white make it a sight to behold in every garden.

The most important reason experts appreciate flax is that it contains a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids, in a relation of 3:1 compared to its concentration of omega 6 fatty acids, which are prevalent in most other oils.

The organic flax seed oil in vegan CapsOleum capsules is gently coldpressed, which means that we forgo heating the seeds up artifically because that can cause important ingredients of the oil to get lost in the process. Also, there are no chemicals added to our seeds in production that would otherwise increase our yield. Compliance with the EU's guidelines for organic products guarantees our oils high quality standard and that it is free of any and all genetic manipulation.

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